Other Sources of Maps and Digital Data


Off-Campus (by application)

  • Terrain Resource Inventory Mapping (TRIM) (by application)
    TRIM data is free for research purposes to members of the UBC community. You have to fill out an Internet application form. The contact person at MRSM is Susan Lindner. Data access is project specific and cannot be transferred to other research projects. TRIM data must be deleted after the research is completed. The approval may take up to two weeks.
  • Forest Cover Data BC
    BC Ministry of Forests, Forest Cover data is free for research purposes and can be downloaded through the DataBC Catalogue.

Off-Campus (free download)

  • BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management – GIS Data FTP Site
    This site contains provincial datasets at a number of scales, in ArcInfo coverage format, BC Albers projection. Each dataset has an ASCII metadata file.
  • Natural Resources Canada – GeoGratis
    This site contains federal vector and satellite imagery datasets at a number of scales, formats, and projections. Each dataset has a web metadata page describing the data at different levels of detail. Some of the satellite data can be very large.  (Note all materials previously on Geobase are accessible on GeoGratis)
  • Geocomm’s GIS Data Depot
    You need to sign up for a free account to download data.
  • The Geography Network Canada
    This is a Canadian network of geographic information users and providers. It provides the infrastructure required to support the sharing of geographic information among data providers, service providers, and users around the world. You can access many types of geographic content including dynamic maps, downloadable data, and more advanced Web services.