Other Sources of Air Photo Information


  • Foto Flight of Calgary
    Foto Flight is a Calgary based company supplying privately flown air photos of Western Canada (Tel: 403-291-2299)
  • University of Calgary Library
    The collection of about one million air photos focuses primarily on Calgary and southern Alberta. There is less coverage for northern Alberta and other western provinces and territories.

British Columbia


  • Yukon Energy, Mines & Resources Library  The EMR Library has a collection of over 100,000 aerial photographs covering the Yukon Territory and immediately adjacent areas of northern BC and Northwest Territories.  Photos are indexed on the online map viewer SkyLine, which includes satellite imagery for the territory and digital images of air photos that have been scanned.


  • National Air Photo Library, Ottawa The NAPL collection of about six million air photos dates from the 1920’s and is mainly black and white vertical air photos with some more recent colour.

USA and International

  • American Society For Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Online catalogue containing aerial photo metadata including acquisition date, film type, sensor type, scale, and supplier contact information.  Catalogue contains aerial photography from private companies, universities, states, NGOs, and federal sources.  Aerial photo covers primarily USA, with some international coverage.